Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends 2022

A large portion of this year saw increased time spent at home as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Homeowners across the country therefore placed an emphasis on home decor & design to allow for optimal comfort and functionality of living areas.

2021 saw a number of trends including the infusion of colour, the prominence of the 'home office', and multi-functional living spaces. We predict 2022 will continue to see this, with the addition of warm, cosy neutrals and 'bringing the outdoors in'.

Interior Design Trends That Will Change Your Home In 2022

1. Rattan

Rattan Bed White

Sculpted Rattan made an appearance in late 2019, and it is here to stay! As texture shows its prominence in 2021, rattan has rooted itself in the modern, trend-focused home. From room dividers to seating, the use of rattan both inside and outside of your home can add intrigue to your living area.

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2. Textured Fabrics

Textured White Bedding

According to expert designers, velvets, sherpas, and boucles are the fabrics of focus in 2022. The rise of 'cosy' fabrics comes after long periods spent in our homes and the necessity of quality materials.
The integration of textured fabrics can also increase the depth and level of detail of your home decor without the addition of bold colours. Introduce textured fabrics through accent cushions, throws, or bedding for a subtle nod to the new year trend.

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3. Bringing The Outdoors In

Fresh Lillies in clear vase

After a large majority of time spent indoors, it's no surprise that 2022 will see a trend encouraging decor that reflects the outdoors. Also known as 'biophilic design', this trend focuses on blurring the lines between the outside and inside through the inclusion of nature.
As a nod to biophilic design, include a variety of fresh or faux greenery and florals throughout your home. The integration of natural materials such as stones, feathers, branches, and natural woods can also mimic the beauty of the outdoors.

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4. Statement Vases

Monochrome Nose Planter

Vases have surpassed their functionality and are now seen as focal points in home decor. Contemporary designs and bold colours can transform your interiors in an instant, evoking intrigue and depth in your decor.
Using a variety of materials from steel to porcelain is recommended to create a beautiful and unique display.

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5. Warm Neutrals

Danby Mustard Sofa

The monochromatic look is staying in 2021! 2022 will see an injection of warm neutrals and colour. This interior design trend goes hand in hand with textured materials with the aim of creating a cosy, welcoming home environment this new year. Comfort was key from 2020, and this will definitely be the case in 2022.
Inject warm neutral tones through soft furnishings or make bold colour statements with your seating.

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6. Archaeological Displays

Spiral Sculpture Silver on Block

The archaeological display steers towards the modern home with a cool, primitive neutral colour palette. To achieve this trending look, incorporate textured materials and sculptural arrangements. By doing so, you can create an intriguing display that is guaranteed to be the focal point of your room.

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7. Marbling

Arturo Dining Table

Symbolising wealth in the Roman era, marbling has become a popular home design trend. Now accessible to all, the luxury pattern formations and crisp, clean look satisfies visual intrigue in the home.
Not only known for its associations with wealth, marble is an extremely durable material that can withstand weight and is recognised for its longevity. Marble is a completely natural material, making it a great option for those that are environmentally conscious!

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8. Black Accents

Monochrome White & Black Ginger Jar

Amidst the marble, rattan, and textured fabrics, black accents will play an important role in the 2022 home. Adding black accents to your home can create visual impact and beautifully bring together any colour scheme.
Pair calm neutrals with black to make a statement and add a touch of timeless elegance. Integrate this trend into your home by opting for black decorative accessories such as vases, photo frames, planters, or dark imagery.

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9. Curved Furniture

Wivenhoe Armchair

After its introduction in early 2021, curved furniture is making an appearance within contemporary architecture, interior design, and furniture. This furniture trend comes after the rediscovery of arches in architecture, softening hard edges, and straight lines that were rooted in 20th-century design.
After continued time spent at home, plush, curved furniture and seating doesn't come as a surprise! Inject this trend into your home by introducing curved seating or soft furnishings.

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10. Wellness At Home

Lime and Bergamot Diffuser

The wellness at home trend looks to encourage a retreat-like feel in the home. The addition of warm neutrals, textured fabrics, and curved furniture can help achieve this up & coming trend.
Scent also plays a huge role in this trend. Including calming scents like bergamot or vanilla can promote a sense of calm, setting a retreat-like atmosphere.

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