how to style fake orchids in your home

How To Style Artificial Orchids In Your Home

At Tides Home and Garden, we love the beauty of orchids and the elevated elegance they can bring to your home. Orchids are recognised to symbolise love, luxury, beauty and strength. According to Feng Shui, Orchids are also known to bring good luck and fortune in love; making them a popular faux floral choice. Despite a national mutual love for the flower, it is well-known that Orchids can be difficult to care for, needing constant care and attention. The artificial orchid allows you to enjoy its beauty, without the difficulty of keeping it blossoming.

What are the benefits of artificial flowers?

Faux flowers are rising in popularity due to their obvious benefits of low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Artificial flowers are a great way to brighten up your home in the colder seasons, bringing a desired freshness without the inconvenience of watering or providing access to direct sunlight.

By opting for faux floral arrangements, you can also have your choice of bloom year-round without worrying about which flowers are in season.

How to style faux orchids 

A popular choice with interior designers, Orchids allow for style versatility and can look amazing throughout the seasons. For a complete visual impact, style your faux orchids using odd numbers and mismatching variations, displayed in a row. Your arrangement can be used as a visual focus on a mantle piece, dining table or to inject colour and texture to a neutral-toned room.

As a homage to their Asian origins, faux orchids can also be styled in wicker baskets paired with bamboo, nodding at their popularity in Thailand. Pairing your orchids with fresh bamboo can also be beneficial due to its structural qualities often required by the orchids due to their length.

As an alternative, you can include blooming branches or curly willow to replace the stakes and plastic cups that accompany real or fake orchids. 

How to make your faux orchids more realistic

Making faux flowers look as realistic as possible is always the goal. In order to make your artificial orchids look as authentic as possible, bend the individual stems. Real flowers don’t stand perfectly straight, they often softly droop over the sides of vases as they follow through the growth cycle. For an authentic look, use your hands to bend the stems in different directions. 

Faux flowers for festive occasions

Orchids can also act as an atmospheric reviver during the festive season. Mix artificial orchids in gold or copper planters to create an elegant and opulent look this year. Alternatively, you can continue with neutral tones and opt for a tall pot or vase for a more refined, modern look.

For the ultimate faux floral arrangement, we recommend pairing our Orchid White Stem with our Large Eucalyptus Spray and Leaf Stem. The contrasting tones of green from the eucalyptus and dark stem makes for a stunning arrangement, perfect for any area of your home and any interior style!

You can purchase our faux arrangements and single stems in store or online.